5 Tips to Design a Relaxing Outdoor Patio Space

5 Tips to Design a Relaxing Outdoor Patio Space

Harmonize your outdoor space with your senses and create the perfect place to relax.

Having a tranquil sanctuary at home to connect with nature – the natural environment to which we belong – could enhance our life experience, offering quiet, calm and blissful relaxation.

Fortunately, it is possible to have a vibrant, comfortable, and stylish space that evokes feelings of peace and serenity. And the best part is – it’s easier to create than you might think!

Designing the perfect relaxing outdoor patio space can be done in 5 simple steps:

1. Think About Its Main Functionality

Outdoor and semi-outdoor places are highly versatile. Outdoor layouts have infinite possibilities according to the activities you plan to enjoy and, of course, the space available.

A word of advice: measure the area's length and width before making any changes, and remember to make a list of all the potential uses for your patio.

Whether you picture yourself reading, meditating, or just sitting under the sun while having a coffee every morning, at Mauna Sway, you will find the perfect patio furniture to leverage the place with a unique, comfortable design.

2. Incorporate Your Personal Style

After getting a sense of how you may use the outdoor space, the next thing you should define is the style. Contrasting the indoor decor is a great styling idea to give the feeling of shifting environments. However, it is key to maintain a central thread that unites both spaces and harmonizes them.

Using a distinctive colour palette, complementing patterns, or similar materials are some examples of unifying elements that will help you connect the areas and soothe the transition. For example, our Walnut Hanging Nest Chair is available in customizable colours to perfectly complement your style and connect your spaces.

3. Focus On Natural Materials

Connecting with nature is the primary purpose of having a relaxing outdoor area. Therefore, using synthetic or man-made materials should be avoided. Instead, use natural materials like cotton fabric for cushions, terracotta pots, or wooden tables. The beauty is – raw, natural materials effortlessly complement plants, flowers, and other elements commonly found in gardens and outdoor spaces.

Another sustainable choice for your furniture can be found at Mauna Sway. Our luxury outdoor chairs are crafted with the most unique natural and sustainable material – volcanic stones.

Our nature-inspired patio furniture's practical functionality and innovative design are unrivalled. In fact, the power of this natural volcanic material also means our pieces are:

  • Lightweight & Easy to Install
  • Heat Absorbing
  • Weatherproof
  • Resistant to Harmful Rays
  • Durable & Long-lasting

4. Add Some Outdoor Lighting

Whether you have a balcony, terrace, or a large patio, choosing the right lighting to highlight the nature of the surroundings is essential. Lighting up the space will allow you to use it day or night, and it may quickly become your new favourite spot.

By combining lights with nature, you will also be able to enjoy the outside view from indoors. For example, you can illuminate a wall, ceiling, or pergola, wrap lights on plants, around a tree trunk, or along the balcony.

Tip: Remember that neutral or warm lighting can transform an ordinary atmosphere into one that is extraordinarily cozy and romantic.

5. Don’t Forget About Comfort

One more way to create a calming outdoor space is through comfortable decoration.

Small details, layers of texture, and even outdoor carpets can help you give a unique touch and boost the level of comfort of your space. You can incorporate cozy cushions, repurpose decorative elements of your home or include sentimental pieces, giving them a special place in your new favourite spot in the house. 

Alternatively, you can look to your seating to create a soothing backyard getaway. Mauna Sway offers ergonomic chairs, relaxing hanging chairs, and supportive stools to transform your patio and offer unparalleled comfort.

Start Designing A Relaxing Patio Space Today

Are you ready to create the perfect environment to ​​reconnect with nature and soothe your senses? These 5 steps will help you unleash your creativity and put together a tranquil area that brings you ultimate relaxation. 

Whether you need further inspiration or are ready to add a sustainable and beautiful furniture piece to your patio, you’re in the right place.

Start by learning more about volcanic patio furniture, shop our luxury patio furniture products, or reach out to our customer care team with any questions.

Why Mauna Sway?

  • A sustainable and natural choice, crafted with renewable volcanic stone.
  • Highly durable and long-lasting design, with a lifespan of 20-30 years.
  • Our unique weaving technique ensures every piece is handcrafted with one-of-a-kind and unrepeatable designs.
  • The materials are resistant to snow, rain, seawater, and chlorine and can be left outdoors all year round.
  • Lightweight materials make each piece easy to install and move around your space.
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