How We Craft Mauna Sway Patio Furniture

How We Craft Mauna Sway Patio Furniture

Our breathtaking patio furniture designs are distinctive and highly unique. Yet, the techniques and processes we use are a mystery.

What materials do we work with?
How do we craft our iconic Mauna Sway furniture?

Today, we wanted to shed some light on the unique materials we use and explain the specialized step-by-step process to craft our one-of-a-kind luxury outdoor chairs. 

We Source Natural & Sustainable Materials

We’ve searched the globe to find the most unique natural materials to create our stunning furniture designs.

We use a revolutionary raw material called Basalt in all of our furniture creations. This durable dark-coloured rock, otherwise known as lava stone, is formed from the rapid cooling of a firey lava flow.

The beauty is that Basalt is continuously renewing itself through regular volcanic activity. This means it’s essentially a limitless resource, making it a highly sustainable choice for furniture creation.


 We Developed a Unique Design Process

Our specialized design process comprises 3 important steps that allow us to transform volcanic rock into expressive outdoor furniture pieces.

1. Seeking Inspiration

Exceptional design all starts with stimulating inspiration. Our signature open weave pattern was influenced by the beauty we found in nature. We studied how wild animals find comfort and safety in the shelter of intricate tree crowns and incorporated similar details into our own furniture designs.

These fundamental elements ensure our chairs offer a combination of practical functionality, natural design, and supreme comfort.

2. Working With The Basalt

The process of working with basalt takes a high level of technical skill. We begin by melting this volcanic stone at 1500°C (2732°F), bringing it back to its original lava-like state.

Once molten, we stretch it out using nozzles and spinners to create fine stone threads, otherwise known as basalt fibre yarns. Once complete, we use these thin volcanic yarns to begin crafting our luxury patio furniture line.

3. The Weaving Process

Finally, we are ready to begin weaving the basalt stone threads into the iconic shapes of our furniture pieces. The delicate weaving techniques we’ve developed are highly complex and require specialized technical and artistic ability.

Currently, no technology is available to streamline or automate this process, so every piece we create is crafted entirely by hand. This delicate process means each piece is a one-of-a-kind, unrepeatable creation with its own unique personality.


The Final Result

Patio furniture created with volcanic basalt fibres has several remarkable qualities. Beyond its distinctive design, our lava furniture is also:

  • Lightweight & Easy to Install
    Basalt is a surprisingly lightweight material. Our patio chairs range in weight from 20lbs (9kg) to 66lbs (30kg), making them easy to install and move around your beautiful space.
  • Heat Absorbing
    Volcanic rock is very effective at absorbing and retaining heat throughout the day. This means you can relax and enjoy your furniture without getting burnt by the sun's heat.
  • Weatherproof
    Feel confident leaving your luxury patio chair outdoors all year round. Our volcanic basalt furniture creations can withstand rain, wind, snow, and heat, as well as salty air and chlorine.
  • Resistant to Harmful Rays
    The materials we use are resistant to damaging rays such as UV, radio, electromagnetic, and even your mobile phone. This ensures that you’ll always be protected when using your outdoor patio chairs.
  • Durable & Long-lasting
    Basalt is an incredibly heavy-duty and durable material known to be stronger than fibreglass and steel. The lifespan of each piece of furniture is between 20-30 years, meaning it can be enjoyed for generations to come.


Transform Your Space With Functional Art

Working with volcanic basalt has allowed us to combine art, function, and nature into a beautiful piece of furniture. What we achieve is harmony between ancient principles and modern innovation.

Each chair is carefully crafted with patience, precision, and limitless imagination to create original, emotion-filled designs.

The durable design and creative elegance make our furniture ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings. So whether you’re searching for a comfortable chair for your cozy reading nook or the perfect poolside lounger, we have something special and unique for everyone.

Why Mauna Sway?

  • A sustainable and natural choice, crafted with renewable volcanic stone.
  • Highly durable and long-lasting design, with a lifespan of 20-30 years.
  • Our unique weaving technique ensures every piece is handcrafted with one-of-a-kind and unrepeatable designs.
  • The materials are resistant to snow, rain, seawater, and chlorine and can be left outdoors all year round.
  • Lightweight materials make each piece easy to install and move around your space.
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