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Large Cushion

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Escape to a world of heavenly relaxation with our luxurious Large Cushion. Unwind and soak in the sun's warmth, tucked away in your snug hideaway. Plush and comfortable, this cushion comes in a limited selection of sophisticated hues that will elegantly enhance your space.


  • Made with MILOS water-repellant fabric, suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Available in 2 shades to perfectly complement the style of your space.
  • Tightly woven fabric makes these cushions durable and easy to clean.
  • Thick and soft to the touch for ultimate comfort and relaxation.
  • Comfortably fits a variety of our chairs, including the Walnut and Grand.


Width: 70.8in (180cm)

Length: 47.2in (120cm)

Height: 7.8in (20cm)

Weight: 22lbs (10kg)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Claire M.
So cozy!

There's more than enough cushion for me and my kids to share when we're rocking in our Grand chair. Love the colour as well!

Adam P.
It makes life way easier

We've been hanging out in our chair on this cushion just about every day. It doesn't get dirty or soak up spills so it makes life way easier. I really appreciate that I was able to get a quick response to my wuestions before purchasing as well.

Natasha O.
Thank you!

This beautiful cushion just completed our outdoor look. We got lucky because the beige matches with the rest of our furniture. We're really happy with the products we bought.

Paul S.
Great purchase.

The water resistant material is a huge plus. Glad I don't have to run outside and take this in if we have a light drizzle.

Martin F.
Great Cushion

Quality cushion, excellent material, nice and thick as well. Bought this for our Grand nest and it fits great.

  • Strong & Durable

  • Handcrafted & Unique

  • Natural & Sustainable

  • 10 Year Warranty

Elegant, Long-lasting, and Cozy

Give your volcanic hanging chair a dash of comfort and class with Mauna Sway’s cozy Large Cushion. Choose from a limited selection of chic and refined shades, including light blue and beige, that will add beautiful contrast, enhancing your backyard patio space.

Our premium chair cushions are crafted with the finest water-repellant MILOS fabric. This cutting-edge material allows splashes and spills to collect on the surface, giving plenty of time to clean them up before they soak into the cushion. With its eco-friendliness and long-lasting durability, Mauna Sway’s high-quality cushions are an excellent choice for your outdoor seating area.

Durability and plush comfort go hand in hand with our cushions. Soft and cozy, with just the right amount of thickness so you can rest, nap or comfortably converse, swaying leisurely in your volcanic hanging chair.

Frequent Questions

What material is used to make these cushions?

MILOS water-repellent fabric is used to create our comfortable cushions. This tightly woven polyester material has a unique protective coating that prevents liquids from absorbing quickly, making it the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

What chairs does the Large Cushion fit?

Our Large Cushion is the ideal size for the Walnut Hanging Nest Chair and the Grand Hanging Nest Chair.

Is the Large Cushion heavy?

The Large Cushion is unexpectedly light, weighing 22lbs (10kg), making it easy to move around your space.

What colours does the Large Cushion come in?

We currently have 2 cushion colours available: light blue and soft beige.

How thick is the Large Cushion?

The Large Cushion is extra-comfortable with 7.8in (20cm) thickness – making it perfect for relaxing, napping, or swaying in the sun.