4 Things to Consider When Buying Patio Furniture

4 Things to Consider When Buying Patio Furniture

When you imagine the perfect outdoor patio environment, what do you think about exactly?

Perhaps you want it to be comfortable enough to spend quality time with family, beautiful enough to attract more visitors, or even durable enough to enjoy for years on end.

Regardless of the nature of your outdoor space and the activities you’re planning to do, here we’ll outline 4 things everyone should consider when buying patio furniture:

1. Durability

Imagine you just spotted a nice chair to complement your patio décor. It looks gorgeous, but will it be a long-lasting purchase?

To answer this question, we must consider the following:

  • Are the materials high-quality?
  • What technique was used to manufacture this?
  • Which outdoor environment was it designed for?

Most outdoor furniture is made of materials like rattan, plastic or metal and tends to have a lifespan of just a few years. However, after that time, you’ll begin to see the colours fading away and lower resistance to the elements, especially when exposed to extreme weather conditions (we’ll talk more about that later).

2. Weather Resistance

Weather resistance will directly impact your furniture’s durability, appearance and functionality over time. Even though outdoor furniture is typically designed to face different climate conditions, the amount it can withstand will ultimately depend on the materials and manufacturing quality.

How does the weather affect your furniture?

  • Direct sunlight can make some materials expand, shrink, crack or become too fragile over time. For example, metal could become too hot to touch, and wood may change its colour.

  • High humidity can rust iron items and warp unsealed wooden objects. In addition, if the furniture doesn’t fully dry and is difficult to clean, it could quickly harbour mould.

  • Gusty winds could cause severe damage and blow away light plastic or rattan furniture when it’s too intense.

  • Heavy snow can trap moisture, cause discolouration, and weaken plastic furniture items, rust metal and crack wood.

But don’t lose hope! There is a material revolutionizing the furniture industry known as Volcanic Basalt. This durable dark-coloured rock, also known as lava stone, can be turned into expressive outdoor furniture pieces lasting between 20 – 30 years thanks to its durable compounds and creative manufacturing techniques.

3. Functionality & Dimensions

How do you plan to use your patio furniture? Maybe you want to spend quality time with family and friends each week, you’re hosting events every other day, or you plan to visit your vacation house 3 times a year.

Whatever the purpose, you must ensure you’re buying furniture that perfectly matches your needs. For example, if some users are children, it would be unwise to purchase unstable furniture that could cause an accident.

In addition, you must also consider your patio dimensions.

  • Are you working with ample space, or is it more compact?
  • Will there be other elements like a pool, grill or a swing?
  • Are there large trees, or maybe just a few bushes?

At Mauna Sway, we believe that the size of your space shouldn’t limit your furniture options. If you have a small area and want to make it perfect for relaxation, think about a Lounge Patio Chair to complement your space. Alternatively, our Grand Hanging Nest Chair would work beautifully in more expansive areas.

4. Comfortability

It may seem obvious, but you shouldn't purchase a piece of furniture just because it looks nice or because you’re hoping it will last forever. However, thanks to innovative designers and quality craftsmen, you no longer have to choose between comfort, aesthetics and quality.

So what should you consider when looking for furniture that offers both comfort and functionality?

  1. Search for options crafted with lightweight materials so you can easily move them around your space.

  2. Avoid textures and designs that are not comfortable to the touch or ergonomic. Remember that you will want to enjoy your furniture for years to come.

  3. If the furniture piece allows for cushions or other elements to make it more comfortable, that’s a bonus point!

Find The Best Patio Furniture For Your Lifestyle

Considering these elements will transform how you enjoy your patio and the lifespan, durability, and aesthetics of the furniture you select.

If you’re searching for options to bring your outdoor areas to life, enjoy your days, and ensure your visitors feel at ease, start by exploring the beautiful world of hand-crafted luxury patio furniture by Mauna Sway. Every piece is thoughtfully woven out of Volcanic Lava to enhance each unique space.

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer care team for more information.

Why Mauna Sway?

  • A sustainable and natural choice, crafted with renewable volcanic stone.
  • Highly durable and long-lasting design, with a lifespan of 20-30 years.
  • Our unique weaving technique ensures every piece is handcrafted with one-of-a-kind and unrepeatable designs.
  • The materials are resistant to snow, rain, seawater, and chlorine and can be left outdoors all year round.
  • Lightweight materials make each piece easy to install and move around your space.
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